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A Nation of Immigrants: The Data Sciences

Kenneth Sanford Kenneth Sanford | Analytics Architect | Dataiku

In this talk I will examine the “data sciences”, the collection of disciplines which contribute to this burgeoning field which is creating and disrupting. We will examine the statistician, the sociologist, the computer scientist and their roles in the “data sciences.” Of paramount importance in this “nation of immigrants” industry is the need for a common language to promote collaboration and sharing.

The talk will focus on how use cases map into different disciplines, computing languages and methodologies. Attendees will leave with a nomenclature for how to talk to those of different backgrounds and areas of expertise. As most attendees likely come from a data background, we will explore the mind of the biostatistician, the economist, the operations research specialist and others and give you a playbook on assigning work, recognizing competencies and hiring.

Kenneth Sanford
Kenneth Sanford
Analytics Architect | Dataiku

Kenneth Sanford is a client-facing Ph.D. and analytics architect at Dataiku who can scope work, write code and explain it on a napkin.