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A Label-Free World - Current State Of Unsupervised Deep Learning

William Falcon William Falcon | AI Researcher | Facebook / NYU

The promise of unsupervised and self-supervised learning is to usher in a new world where systems can draw greater levels of signal from data without labels. In this talk I’ll first cover the state-of-the-art approaches to unsupervised learning in NLP and computer vision which can be used in industry today. We’ll end the talk by exploring how the business landscape and the world of AI products look like once freed from the limitations of labels.

William Falcon
William Falcon
AI Researcher | Facebook / NYU

William is an AI researcher working on his PhD at NYU and Facebook AI Research. His research focuses on developing new methods for biologically inspired unsupervised learning methods. Before his PhD, he Co-founded AI startup NextGenVest (acquired by Commonbond), led iOS at Bonobos and built products at Goldman Sachs and other companies. He received his BA in Stats/CS/Math from Columbia University.