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A deep dive into the dbt manifest

Aaron Richter, PhD Aaron Richter, PhD | Lead Data Engineer | formerly Squarespace

Ever noticed the manifest.json file that dbt puts into your target folder? This little file contains rich information about your dbt project that enables numerous fun use cases! These include complex deployment configurations, quality enforcement, and streamlined development workflows. This talk will go over what the manifest is and how it is produced, along with case studies of how the manifest is used across the community and in Squarespace’s data pipelines. This talk will be accessible to new dabblers in dbt all the way to seasoned experts. Come find out what the manifest can do for you!

Aaron Richter, PhD
Aaron Richter, PhD
Lead Data Engineer | formerly Squarespace

Aaron Richter is a software developer with a passion for all things data. His work involves making sure data is clean and accessible, and that the tools to access it are at peak performance. Aaron is currently a data engineer at Squarespace, where he supports the company’s analytics platform. Previously, he built the data warehouse at Modernizing Medicine, and worked as a data science advocate at Saturn Cloud. He has given talks at several major data conferences, including PyData, Spark Summit, and ODSC. Aaron is based in NYC and holds a PhD in machine learning from Florida Atlantic University.