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3 Best Practices for Data Organizations: Structure, ROI, Communications

Barr Moses Barr Moses | CEO & Co-founder | Monte Carlo

"I'm building a data team. Where do I start?" Today, every company is becoming a data company. With 650% growth in data professional jobs, you simply cannot afford to not have a data team. But the transition from aspiring to have a data-driven culture to making this a reality in your company is no easy feat. In this talk, we'll explore best practices for how to get started on building a data team, how to think about an organizational structure that will set your data team up for success, and how to communicate the value of your data team to both technical and non-technical executives.

Barr Moses
Barr Moses
CEO & Co-founder | Monte Carlo

Barr Moses is an entrepreneur and former Vice President at Gainsight, a startup enabling companies to leverage customer data to drive business outcomes. At Gainsight, she helped grow the company 10x in revenue and built the customer data and analytics team. Prior, Barr was a management consultant at Bain & Company and worked at the Statistics Department at Stanford. She also served in the Israeli Air Force as a commander of an intelligence data analyst unit. Barr graduated from Stanford with a B.Sc. in Mathematical and Computational Science.