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0 to 100 in Under a Week

Greg Ratner Greg Ratner | Co-Founder & CTO | Troops

At Troops we had a challenge - turn our RDS Postgres database into a full BI stack that combines our transactional data with sales and web analytics data and is simple enough for business users to use. And we need it by Friday! In this talk, I will show how we leveraged AWS and various 3rd party tools to make this a reality and the power it brought to the business.

Greg Ratner
Greg Ratner
Co-Founder & CTO | Troops

Greg Ratner is the technical co-founder and head of engineering at Troops. He is passionate about data-driven development and functional programing. Greg is a repeat entrepreneur with previous experience at EMC, LBi, early employee at VistaPrint and Director of Technology at Deep Focus. He holds BS and MS in Computer Science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.