Jerome Nilmeier

Data Scientist/Developer Advocate | IBM

Jerome Nilmeier is a Data Scientist and Developer Advocate at the IBM Center for Open Source Data and Artificial Intelligence Technology (CODAIT).  His duties include enablement and advocacy for IBM clients and the community at large, which includes teaching, community outreach, consulting and technical support for open source AI projects which includes Apache Spark, Tensorflow and others.Jerome has been with IBM as a data scientist since 2015.  He has a BS in Chemical Engineering from UC Berkeley, a PhD in Computational Biophysics from UC San Francisco, and has carried out postdoctoral research in biophysics and bioinformatics at UC Berkeley, Lawrence Berkeley and Livermore Laboratories, and at Stanford as an OpenMM Fellow.  Just prior to joining IBM, he completed the Insight Data Engineering program in late 2014.

Jerome Nilmeier

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