NYC '17 Keynote Panel

Chris Wiggins NYT

Chris Wiggins

Chief Data Scientist | The New York Times Associate Professor, Data Science Institute at Columbia University

Jonathan Roberts Dotdash

Jonathan Roberts

Chief Innovation
Officer | Dotdash
Hailey Owusu Mashable

Haile Owusu

Chief Data Scientist | Mashable 

Claudia Perlich Dstillery

Claudia Perlich

Chief Data Scientist | Dstillery

Shawndra Hill Microsoft

Shawndra Hill

Senior Researcher | Microsoft

Panel Talk:

The Future of Data Science in the Media

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NYC '17 Speakers & Talks

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Andreas Mueller Columbia

Andreas Mueller

Lecturer in Data Science @ Columbia University | scikit-learn
Talk Title:
Automating machine learning
Frank McSherrry

Frank McSherry

Independent Researcher & Scientist
Talk Title:
Scalability! But at What COST?
Jacques Nadeau

Jacques Nadeau

Co-founder & CTO @ Dremio | Creator of Apache Arrow
Talk Title:
Using Apache Arrow, Calcite and Parquet to build a Relational Cache
Sahaana Suri Stanford
Graduate Researcher |Stanford University, Future Data Systems
Talk Title:
Macrobase: A Search Engine for Fast Data Streams
James Faghmous

James Faghmous

Asst. Prof/ CTO of Arnhold InstituteIcahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai
Talk Title:
Using Causal Forests for Subpopulation Identification in Randomized Clinical Trials
Sam Stokes Honeycomb
Engineer | Honeycomb
Talk Title:
Production Analytics With a Distributed Column Store
Ozgun Erdogan Citus Data

Ozgun Erdogan

CTO | Citus Data
Talk Title:
The Challenges of Distributing Postgres: A Citus Story
Burak Yavuz Databricks

Burak Yavuz

Software Engineer | Databricks
Talk Title:
Easy, Scalable, Fault-tolerant Stream Processing with Structured Streaming in Apache Spark
Genevieve Smith Insight Data Science

Geneviève Smith

Director of Product | Insight Data Science
Talk Title:
Lessons in hiring data scientists
Peter Lenz Dstillery

Peter Lenz

Senior Geospatial AnalystDstilery
Talk Title:
Zip codes and other lies your map told you
Jeffrey Doker Kickstarter

Jeffrey Doker

Data Scientist | Kickstarter
Talk Title:
Building automated support at Kickstarter
Sanjay Krishnan UC Berkeley

Sanjay Krishnan

Graduate Researcher | UC Berkeley, AMPLab
Talk Title:
The Statistics of Dirty Data
Julian Hyde Apache Hortonworks

Julian Hyde

Software Architect Hortonworks & Apache Foundation
Talk Title:
Don’t optimize my queries, optimize my data!
Jim Klucar Immuta

Jim Klucar

Director of Data Science Immuta
Talk Title:
Privacy Techniques for Data Science
James Savage Lendable

James Savage

Data Scientist | Lendable
Talk Title:
Productizing structural models

Marianne Bellotti USDS

Marianne Bellotti

Data Engineer | United States Digital Service
Talk Title:
Worse Case Scenario in the Database
Mike Freedman TimescaleDB
Co-founder & CTO | TimescaleDB
Talk Title:
TimescaleDB: Rearchitecting a SQL database for time-series data
Lucy Wang BuzzFeed

Lucy Wang

Senior Data Scientist BuzzFeed
Talk Title:
You Won't Believe How We Optimize our Headlines
Anne Bauer NYT

Anne Bauer

Senior Data Scientist | The New York Times
Talk Title:
Deploying Data Science for Distribution of The New York Times
Christian Romming Etleap

Christian Romming

Founder & CEO Etleap
Talk Title:
Building ETL Infrastructure that Analysts Love
Darren McCleary NYT

Darren McCleary

Software Engineer The New York Times
Talk Title:
Building a Recursive BigQuery Mapper
Vadim Semenov Datadog

Vadim Semenov

Data Engineer | Datadog
Talk Title:
Using Apache Spark for processing trillions of records each day at Datadog
Jason Ganetsky Google

Jason Ganetsky

Senior Software Engineer | Google
Talk Title:
An Overview of Storage for Google Cloud Pub/Sub
Gandalf Hernandez Spotify

Gandalf Hernandez

Data/Backend Engineering Manager | Spotify
Talk Title:
How Spotify Distills Terabytes of Raw Data into Meaningful Music Recommendations
Tarush Aggarwal WeWork

Tarush Aggarwal

Director of Data Engineering | WeWork
Talk Title:
A Data Engineering approach to solving problems
William Falcon NextGenVest

William Falcon

Co-Founder & Researcher | NextGenVest
Talk Title:
Reducing Student Loans with Bot-Powered Humans
Luis Capelo Forbes

Luis Capelo

Head of Data Products | Forbes
Talk Title:
Building Bots, Building Blocks: How Forbes Experiments, Evaluates, and Kills Data-driven Bots

NYC '17 VC Panel

Matt Turck FirstMark Capital

Matt Turck

Managing Director | FirstMark Capital


Vicki Peng Thrive Capital

Vicki Peng

Early Stage Investor | Thrive Capital

Alex Lines Notation Capital

Alex Lines

Founding Partner Notation Capital

David Aronoff Flybridge Capital Partners

David Aronoff

General Partner | Flybridge Capital Partners

Evan Nisselson LDV Capital

Evan Nisselson

Investor & Serial EntrepreneurLDV Capital

Our VC Panel discussion featuring some of the prominent VC's in the industry

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