Apache Kudu: Fast Analytics on Fast Data

Todd Lipcon | Cloudera


In this tlak Todd discuss about resolving transactional access/analytic performance trade-offs in Apache Hadoop with Apache Kudu. The following topics are covered in this talk:

- What is apache Kudu?
- How does Kudu fit into the Apache Hadoop stack?
- Why Kudu was built? A bit of background story.
- Use cases and Architecture of Apache Kudu
- Real-Time analytics in Hadoop with Kudu
- How Kudu works? Getting in-depth

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Software Engineer | Cloudera

Todd Lipcon is a software engineer at Cloudera. Todd is a committer/PMC member on Apache Thrift, HBаse, Hаdoop, and Kudu projects. He's also a contributor to several other ecosystem components.

Since late 2012 Todd's been leading the development of Apache Kudu, a new storage engine for the Hadoop ecosystem, and currently serving as PMC Chair on that project.

Todd Lipcon
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