Don’t Optimize my Queries, Optimize my Data!

Julian Hyde | Apache/Hortonworks


Your queries won't run fast if your data is not organized right.
Apache Calcite optimizes queries, but can we evolve it so that it can
optimize data? We had to solve several challenges. Users are too busy
to tell us the structure of their database, and the query load changes
daily, so Calcite has to learn and adapt. We talk about new algorithms
we developed for gathering statistics on massive database, and how we
infer and evolve the data model based on the queries, suggesting
materialized views that will make your queries run faster without you
changing them.

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julian hyde

Software Architect | Apache/Hortonworks

Julian Hyde is an expert in query optimization, in-memory analytics,
and streaming. He is the original developer of Apache Calcite, the
query planning framework behind Apache Hive, Drill, Kylin and Phoenix,
and was also the original developer of the open source Mondrian OLAP
engine. He is an architect at Hortonworks.

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