An Overview of Storage for Google Cloud Pub/Sub

Jason Ganetsky | Google


Google Cloud Pub/Sub is a scalable cloud infrastructure service that moves many gigabytes per second between data sources and data sinks. Storage is a critical component in providing guaranteed at-least-once delivery for every message that passes through Pub/Sub. In this talk, we will be looking at requirements and tradeoffs for throughput, latency, consistency, availability, durability, and maintainability. We will explore the space of design choices for building storage for Pub/Sub, investigate the choices we made, and understand the features of underlying technology.

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jason ganetsky

Senior Software Engineer | Google

Jason Ganetsky is a senior software engineer at Google, and is tech lead of storage for Google Cloud Pub/Sub. Previously, he worked on Google Drive, and at various startups before Google. His is interested in the intersection of programming languages and distributed systems.

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